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Ricardo Elhage

Wenfrid “Wenny” Pablo Jakoba a nasé dia 15 di yanüari 1950.

Wenny a kuminsá hunga baseball ku 8 aña den bario di St. Helena i Sta. Maria.

Wenny ta ko fundador di Santa Maria Giants na aña 1966.

Wenny a hunga baseball pa 10 aña den e ekipo di Santa Maria, kaminda ku Santa Maria a promové na aña 1969.

Na aña 1976 Wenny a pasa pa e ekipo di Wild cats komo kapitan

Wenny a hunga den diferente selekshon Antiano i a partisipá na diferente kampeonato i tambe kampeonatonan internashonal.

Huntu ku e ekipo di Wild Cats Wenny a bira diferente aña konsekutivo kampeon.

Despues Wenny a bira coach di tantu Wild Cats komo di selekshon Antiano. Despues Wenny a bira manager di Wild Cats pa algun aña.

Den mediano di añanan 80 Wenny a retirá for di baseball.

Di e periodo di 1969 te ku su retiru for di baseball Wenny a representá tantu Kòrsou den ekipo komo Antias den selekshon na numeroso okashon na diferente kompromisonan deportivo entre otro na:

Santo Domingo, Venezuela, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Ulanda, Colombia, Panama.

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Wenfrid “Wenny” Pablo Jakoba was born on January 15, 1950.

Wenny began playing baseball at the age of 8 in the neighborhoods of St. Helena and Santa Maria. He is a co-founder of the Santa Maria Giants in the year 1966. Wenny played baseball for 10 years with the Santa Maria team, where they were promoted in 1969. In 1976, Wenny moved to the Wild Cats team, becoming the captain.

Throughout his baseball career, which spanned a decade, Wenny played in various Antillean selections and participated in different national and international championships. With the Wild Cats team, he achieved consecutive championships for several years. After his playing career, Wenny became a coach for both the Wild Cats and the Antillean selection. Subsequently, he served as the manager of the Wild Cats for several years.

In the mid-1980s, Wenny retired from baseball. From 1969 until his retirement, Wenny represented both Curaçao in local teams and the Netherlands Antilles in national selections on numerous occasions, participating in various sporting events in Santo Domingo, Venezuela, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Netherlands, Colombia, and Panama, among others.