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FDOK Honors Night

“The United Nations” declares April 6th as “International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.” The board of FDOK has decided that the annual “Honors Night” ceremony will be held on April 6th.  “Honors Night” consists of the installation of pre-selected individuals in the “Hall of Fame” and the election of athletes and sports administrators of the year.

Athletes and/or other actively involved individuals in the sports world who have performed remarkably or contributed significantly are installed in the “Hall of Fame.” Annually, the FDOK board appoints a committee to evaluate candidates submitted by the federations who are eligible for installation. Additionally, the election of athletes and administrators will be organized. This aims to reward the athletes and leaders of the year and contribute to raising awareness and recognition of the importance of sports.

Athletes with outstanding sports achievements can be chosen as the athlete of the year. Affiliated sports federations submit or nominate their candidates per category. There is a committee of 7 members who will select the top candidates on behalf of the FDOK board for an award. Also, during the ceremony, several pre-selected sports figures will be highlighted.

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