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Hall of Fame

Ricardo Elhage

Cor van Aanholt ( Sailing)

 Born in Groningen  29 march 1959.

Cor is 54 years old .

The Netherlands and is living in Curacao for 20 years. Cor is married to Marjolein and the have four children: Phillipine, Ard, Just an Odile (resp. years old 

Cor is multi sport talented. Apart from Sailing he has been successful in

  • Windsurfing (e.g. Dutch Champion, 6th at Worlds)
  • Soccer(highest Youth level e.g. with A1-team of Be Quick Champion of Northern Holland: played against AYAX A1.
  • Tennis (individual Champion of Province of Groningen, age till 15 years)

Hockey(stand-in in team HMC)


Cor Loves sport and is/has been a competitive sportsman in

  • ski
  • water-ski
  • squash
  • swimming
  • triathlon
  • golf


Cor is still an active sportsman. In 2010 he still became 10th in the Sunfish World Sailing Championships in Italy.


Titles as athlete:

  • Championships in sailing
  • World Champion
  • Curacao champion (7 times)
  • European Champion
  • Central American and Caribbean Games GOLG
  • Dutch Champion
  • Israeli Champion
  • Japanese Champion
  • South African Champion
  • Caribbean Champion
  • PANAM games 4th


Winner of many World Level International Regattes like:

  • Kiel Week (Germany)
  • Kings Cup (Thailand)
  • Sneekweek(Netherlands)
  • Maarten Heineken Regatta
  • Curacao Regatta

Sports Boards:

Former positions:

  • WOA: World Olympians Association Head of Marketing and Business
  • NAOC: Neth. Ant. Olympic Committee: 2nd Treasurer, chair

Qualification committee


  • IMCO: International Mistral Class Association

(former World board Olympic Windsurfing):                  Vice President Technical


Coaching, athlete manager


Olympic Games and related events

  • Olympic Games
  • Youth Olympic Games
  • Paralympics Games
  • CAC Games
  • PANAM Games

Sportman of the year

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • France etc.

Coaching, athlete manager


  • Youth Olympic 2010 coach, manager                       (AHO sailing BRONZE
  • Windsurfer Worlds coach                                       windsurfing, GOLD
  • Splash Worlds manager                                  sailing, GOLD
  • Byte Worlds coach ,manager                       Silver, Youth Olympics Qualifier
  • Optimist South Am. manager                                  1x Gold, 1x Silver
  • Optimist Nort Am. manager                                  2x Gold


Olympic Games and related events:

Olympic Games:

  • Los Angeles 1984             delegation leader (NED)         Windsurfing exhibition
  • Atlanta 1996             delegation leader (AHO)        Sailing en windsurfing
  • Sydney 2000 participant (AHO)                   Sailing (flag bearer)
  • London 2012 team leader/coach (IAO)        Sailing
  • London 2012 head Marketing and Business WOA)

Olympians reunion Centre, Olympians Gala

Youth Olympic Games:

  • Singapore coach (AHO)                          Sailing BRONZE


Paralympics Games:                         

  • Barcelona 1992: judge                                       Sailing
  • Atlanta 1996 judge                                       Sailing


CAC Games:

  • Maracaibo 1998 participant (AHO)                   Sailing, GOLD
  • Mexico 2002 judge                                       Sailing
  • Puerto Rico participant (AHO)                   Sailing, 6th



PANAM Games:

  • Winnipeg 1999 participant (AHO)                   Sailing 4th
  • Guadalajara 2011 officials (AHO)                       Sailing

officials (PASAF)                   Sailing


Sportsman of the year:

Province Groningen, the Netherlands            1980

Curacao:                                                          1997

Curacao:                                                          1998