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Hall of Fame

Ricardo Elhage


Deportista-DirigenteAtministrativo-Dirigente Tékniko.

 Toonchi a kuminsá ku deporte na St.Thomas College hungadó futbòl, mas despues beisbòl. Ku su 13 aña Toonchi a será konosí ku atletismo, i ku su 17 aña el a  kuminsá práktika atletismo den stadion di Rif. Su disiplinanan tabata pushamentu di bala di heru, tira sper i disko.

Na aña 1970 el a kompetí komo atleta na Weganan Deportivo Sentroamerikano i di Karibe na Panamá tirando sper, i na aña 1972 den kampeonato Sentroamerikano i di Karibe na Jamaica.

Komo entrenadó Toonchi na 1974 a sigui kurso di atletismo na Springfield College, tambe na 1975 na CDOM na México City.

Kurso di entrenadó i di atministrashon deportivo na 1975 /1976 na Utrecht Ulanda.

Seminario atministrativo deportivo na 1982 na Roma, Italia. Na 1986 i 1988 kurso di atministrashon deportivo na San Juan, Puerto Rico. Na Roma, Italia na 1987 kurso di alto nivel atministrativo deportivo. Na 1997 seminario na Nassau, Bahamas rumbo pa 2000.

Toonchi a funda e promé klup di atletismo era nobo “Olympic”, na 1962 el a reaktiva Nederlands Antilliaanse Atletiek Unie. Na 1966 el a yuda reaktiva Curaçaose Atletiek Bond.

Toonchi tabata forma parti di Komishon Tékniko di atletismo, tambe el a okupá diferente funshon entre otro miembro di direktiva di Nederlands Antilliaanse Atletiek Unie, miembro di direktiva di Curaçaose Atletiek Bond, presidente di Curaçaose Atletiek Bond, presidente di Confederacion Centro Americano y del Caribe, vise presidente di North America, Central America and Caribbean, miembro di direktiva di Nederlands Antilliaanse Olympisch Comité.

Toonchi a representá Antia Ulandes na hopi evento i tambe na numeroso kongreso na:

1982 na Gresia

1984 na Los Angeles

1985 na Stuttgart

1987 na Roma

1989 na Barcelona

1991 na Tokyo,

1993 na Stuttgart

1995 na Groteberg

1997 na Gresia

1999 na Sevilla,

Toonchi tabata nombrá tambe komo International Technical Official na diferente pais entre otro Puerto Rico, Colombia, Spaña Mexico, Bahamas, Argentina, Merka i Fransia. Tambe Tònchi a duna kurso pa hurado di atletismo.

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Toonchi began his sports career at St. Thomas College playing football, later switching to baseball. At the age of 13, he became involved in athletics, and at 17, he started practicing athletics at the Rif Stadium. His disciplines included shot put, javelin throw, and discus.

In 1970, he competed as an athlete in the Central American and Caribbean Sports Games in Panama, participating in the javelin throw. In 1972, he took part in the Central American and Caribbean Championship in Jamaica.

As a coach, Toonchi attended an athletics course at Springfield College in 1974 and another at CDOM in Mexico City in 1975. He also took coaching and sports administration courses in Utrecht, Netherlands, in 1975/1976. In 1982, he participated in a sports administrative seminar in Rome, Italy. In 1986 and 1988, he attended sports administration courses in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 1987, he completed a high-level sports administration course in Rome, Italy. In 1997, he attended a seminar in Nassau, Bahamas, leading up to the year 2000.

Toonchi founded the first track and field club, “Olympic,” in 1962 and reactivated the Netherlands Antilles Athletics Union. In 1966, he assisted in reactivating the Curaçao Athletics Association.

Toonchi served on the Technical Commission for Athletics and held various roles, including being a member of the board of the Netherlands Antilles Athletics Union, a board member of the Curaçao Athletics Association, president of the Curaçao Athletics Association, president of the Central American and Caribbean Confederation, vice president of North America, Central America, and the Caribbean, and a board member of the Netherlands Antilles Olympic Committee.

Toonchi represented the Dutch Antilles at numerous events and congresses, including in 1982 in Greece, 1984 in Los Angeles, 1985 in Stuttgart, 1987 in Rome, 1989 in Barcelona, 1991 in Tokyo, 1993 in Stuttgart, 1995 in Groteberg, 1997 in Greece, and 1999 in Seville.

Toonchi also served as an International Technical Official in various countries, including Puerto Rico, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, the Bahamas, Argentina, the United States, and France. Additionally, he provided training for athletics judges.