Olympic Week

Olympic Week

“The goal of this event is to create an Olympic atmosphere on our island and also to promote and encourage sports. As a result, FDOK provides the community of Curaçao with the opportunity to experience sports in the form of a ‘Sport showcase.’ The intention is to make this an annual event and that all sports federations have the exact same opportunity to promote their sports in our community.

FDOK Honors Night

ADA Awards

These awards acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of athletes who have excelled in their sports during the previous year. The Athlete of the Year “ADA Awards” play a significant role in recognizing, motivating, and inspiring athletes, fostering healthy competition, and promoting sports within society. These awards contribute to the overall development and success of the sports community.

Ban Sostene Deporte

Collection Month

The goal is to collect funds that can be used to support sports programs, facilities, and athletes in Curaçao. This can include funding for training, equipment, and infrastructure improvements. In summary, the Collection Month in June serves as an important annual fundraising event with the goal of collecting funds to support sports in Curacao, benefiting both athletes and the community.

FDOK-Honors-Night 2023