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The organization now known as “Federashon Deporte i Olímpiko Kòrsou” (FDOK), formerly underwent several transformations throughout its history. On March 23, 1931, it was originally established as the “Curaçaosche Bond voor Lichamelijke Opvoeding,” also known as the Curaçao Federation for Physical Education. In 1950, its name changed to “Nederlands Antilliaanse Bond voor Lichamelijke Oefening” (Netherlands Antilles Federation for Physical Education).

In 1961, it evolved further into the “Nederlands Antilliaans Olympisch Comité” (Netherlands Antilles Olympic Committee).The activities related to physical education and sports management were carried forward by the Netherlands Antilles Olympic Committee.

The management of real estate related to sports was handled by the “Stichting Exploitatie van Sportterreinen” (Foundation for the Exploitation of Sports Fields), established in Curaçao.

The “Verbond Curaçaosche Sportorganisaties” (Confederation of Curaçao Sport Organizations) also played a role in the continuation of these activities.

The Confederation of Curaçao Sport Organizations underwent several name changes, becoming the “Curaçaosche Sport Federatie” and later, on July 30, 2010, the “Curaçaosche Sport en Olympische Federatie.”

Today, the organization is officially named “Federashon Deporte i Olímpiko Kòrsou” (FDOK). Its domicile is in Curaçao.In international contexts, it may also be referred to as the “Curaçao Olympic Committee,” “Comité Olímpico Curaçao,” or “Olympisch Comité Curaçao.”

FDOK was founded for an indefinite period of time. Its operational year aligns with the calendar year, running from January 1 through December 31.This brief history outlines the organizational transformations and name changes that have occurred over the years, ultimately leading to the establishment of FDOK in Curaçao.