Atleta di aña
Atleta di aña

Cor Ben Gerard van Aanholt

Cor van Aanholt ( Sailing)

 Born in Groningen  29 march 1959.

Cor is 54 years old .

The Netherlands and is living in Curacao for 20 years. Cor is married to Marjolein and the have four children: Phillipine, Ard, Just an Odile (resp. years old

Cor is multi sport talented. Apart from Sailing he has been successful in

Windsurfing (e.g. Dutch Champion, 6th at Worlds)

Soccer(highest Youth level e.g. with A1-team of Be Quick Champion of Northern Holland: played against AYAX A1.

Tennis (individual Champion of Province of Groningen, age till 15 years)

Hockey(stand-in in team HMC)


Cor Loves sport and is/has been a competitive sportsman in








Cor is still an active sportsman. In 2010 he still became 10th in the Sunfish World Sailing Championships in Italy.


Titles as athlete:

Championships in sailing

World Champion

Curacao champion (7 times)

European Champion

Central American an Caribbean Games GOLG

Dutch Champion

Israeli Champion

Japanese Champion

South African Champion

Caribbean Champion

PANAM games 4th


Winner of many World Level International Regattes like:

Kiel Week (Germany)

Kings Cup (Thailand)


St. Maarten Heineken Regatta

Curacao Regatta

Sports Boards:

Former positions:

WOA: World Olympians Association                Head of Marketing and Business

NAOC: Neth. Ant. Olympic Committee:      2nd Treasurer, chair

Qualification committee


IMCO: International Mistral Class Association

(former World board Olympic Windsurfing):                   Vice President Technical


Coaching, athlete manager


Olympic Games and related events

Olympic Games

Youth Olympic Games

Paralympics Games

CAC Games



Sportman of the year




France etc.


Coaching, athlete manager


Youth Olympic 2010                    coach, manager                        (AHO sailing BRONZE

Windsurfer Worlds                       coach                                       windsurfing, GOLD

Splash Worlds                               manager                                   sailing, GOLD

Byte Worlds                                 coach ,manager                        Silver, Youth Olympics Qualifier

Optimist South Am.                     manager                                   1x Gold, 1x Silver

Optimist Nort Am.                       manager                                   2x Gold


Olympic Games and related events:

Olympic Games:

Los Angeles 1984                         delegation leader (NED)          Windsurfing exhibition

Atlanta 1996                                 delegation leader (AHO)         Sailing en windsurfing

Sydney 2000                                 participant (AHO)                  Sailing (flag bearer)

London 2012                                 team leader/coach (IAO)         Sailing

London 2012                                 head Marketing and Business WOA)

Olympians reunion Centre, Olympians Gala





Youth Olympic Games:

Singapore                                      coach (AHO)                          Sailing BRONZE


Paralympics Games:                          

Barcelona 1992:                            judge                                        Sailing

Atlanta 1996                                 judge                                        Sailing


CAC Games:

Maracaibo 1998                            participant (AHO)                  Sailing, GOLD

Mexico 2002                                 judge                                        Sailing

Puerto Rico                                   participant (AHO)                  Sailing, 6th



PANAM Games:

Winnipeg 1999                              participant (AHO)                  Sailing 4th

Guadalajara 2011                          officials (AHO)                       Sailing

officials (PASAF)                   Sailing


Sportsman of the year:

Province Groningen, the Netherlands             1980

Curacao:                                                          1997

Curacao:                                                          1998